Minutes of the September 12, 2021 meeting of the Michiana Bonsai Study

Present:    Larry Benjamin, Diane Buday, John Deguara, John DeMaegd, Betty Foltz, Jack Foltz, Mary Hesser,

                         Andrew Hsu, Anita Hsu, Eddie Hsu, Rebecca Hsu and Wanda Walker

Location:    The home of John DeMaegd


          Larry started with a brief bit of business - a report of the club's current bank balance and the announcement that we are

about out of the club soil mix that we have purchased fron Mark Fields. It was suggested that we purchase two bags. After a short discussion

the motion to do so was passed. 

           We then made introductions, including those of the Hsu family who learned of our club at this year's Elkhart show.

Several of us had brought trees to work on, including Eddie and Andrew Hsu. Eddie had a nice Fukien Tea which got a much needed

trimming. He also had a trident maple composed of whips banded together. He inquired as to its re-potting and we suggested a fairly

large training pot in which it could be transplanted in the spring to allow it to grow. Andrew had brought a very nice varigated Serrisia

which needed no attention.

          John Deguara brought in a juniper which he will want to re-pot in the spring, preferably into a cascade pot.

         Wanda Walker brought in a tray of three varieties of jade plants which she offered to those attending. She also brought a narrow

 leaf Ficus which she gave a good haircut. (These trees grow very fast so a trim this late in the year is no problem for this Ficus.)

         Larry brought a pomegranite which he had gotten from a previous year's donation from Wanda. He had kept it pruned back as a shohin

and it was in bloom - giving us a look at the results from Wanda's generosity. In addition, Larry did some initial pruning of a yew that he had

recently purchased at the Ann Arbor show at Hidden Lake Gardens in Michigan.

         Finally, Gwen and John DeMaegd brought out some delicious snacks: cookies and a big bowl of canteloupe and seedless grapes,

along with a pitcher of iced tea and some bottled water to wash it down. While most had toured John's collection of trees earlier,

a few of us did so before leaving. And, we were reminded to attend next month's meeting at Larry's house.