Minutes of the October 3, 2021 meeting of the Michiana Bonsai Study

Present:    Larry Benjamin, Diane Buday, John DeMaegd, Betty Foltz, Jack Foltz, Mary Hesser,

                         Kevin Mann, Bob Mortenson, Faye Mortenson,Wanda Walker and Al Whitfield

Location:    The home of Larry Benjamin


     We started with introducing Kevin Mann to the rest of the club. Then we viewed Larry's trees on and around his patio.

We then proceeded to work on our trees. Diane re-potted her grafted Ficus and styled her Shimpaku Juniper into a

windswept bonsai style. Both John and Wanda gave their willow leaf Ficus trees a haircut. Jack and Betty had a

Juniper that had blown off of its perch. So, they top-dressed it to replace some of the lost growing medium. Larry had

a little Chojubai quince that he re-potted. And, Bob did some pruning on his nice bristle cone pine.

    The only "business" that was conducted was a discussion of future club events. While February's topic wasn't set,

it was suggested that we might cover perparation of our trees for exhibition - including pot selection. Larry reminded

everyone that our March meeting would feature Mark Fields, ABS president and owner of the "Bonsai by Fields" bonsai

business, who will use trident maples that Larry has been preparing for several years to create a forest. Looking ahead,

Larry pointed out that the 2022 bonsai year would be packed with many prime events, including the spring show in

Fort Wayne and the Michigan All State Show, both in early May. Then, May 26 - 29, The American Bonsai Society

will hold its "Learning Seminars" in Olive Branch, Mississippi (near Brussel's Bonsai, the largest bonsai dealer in the

country, if not the world). June 23 - 26 the Mid America Bonsai Alliance will hold its convention in Milwaukee. In

July we again will be able to attend the Fort Wayne club's auction & picnic. While Larry said that he awaits word from

his upcoming meeting with them, Wellfield Botanic Garden may hold a show again in July, probably near the end of the month.

On the third weekend of August the club in Chicago (the Mid-west Bonsai Society) will host the Chicago show. And, there

will probably be a couple of fall events, including the fall Fort Wayne show and a show at Hidden Lake Garden in Michigan.

    Of course, before we adjourned we had the opportunity to take advantage of the cider and donuts that Lrry's wife, Rose,

brought out. And, while the topic of food was addressed, Larry mentioned that November's meeting (November 12) would

have to be for members only. This is due to the limited space at Larry's home where he and Rose will serve lunch, starting at

 1:00 PM. This lack of space was the reason that Larry suggested that, starting in 2022, our club follow the examples of the

Fort Wayne and Indy clubs who hold their end-of-year meetings at an Asian restaurant (Dutch treat). Al mentioned a potential

restaurant on the north side of South Bend which Larry said that he would check out.