Minutes of the May, 2, 2021 meeting of the Michiana Bonsai Study

Present:    Larry Benjamin, Diane Buday, John DeMaegd, Mary Hesser, Bruce Kennedy, Bob Mortenson, Faye Mortenson and Al Whitfoeld

Location:    Home of Larry Benjamin


          Before we got down to work on our trees we had a business meeting. Larry reported that our club account is now at an all-time high. So, when a motion was

made to purchase club wire at the Michigan All-State show, it passed. We also discussed pitching in to provide lunches for those who volunteer to help out aat the

 upcoming Wellfield Botaanic Garden Bonsai Show this summer (July 31 and August 1). It was the consensus that this should consist of pre-made sandwiches or wraps

 (such as those from Subway) along with accompaniments such as chips and pickles. (Larry offered to supply cookies and brownies for dessert.) Since members of other

 clubs are expected to serve as volunteers as well, we voted to fund the lunches on a pro-rated basis, along with those other clubs. Lastly, we were encouraged to attend

the Michigan All-State show next weekend (May 8 & 9) at Meijer Garden, Grand Rapids, MI.

          Most members then got to work on their trees. Bruce did some pruning on his big Ficus as well as discarding the cacti growing in the pot with it. Bob

potted up three little trees that he got recently from a plant exchange. Diane brought her Ficus to get some idea of its progress. And, Mary got some help pruning

the trees in her American larch forest.

           Finally, at the end of the meeting several of us went on a hike on the trails through Larry's "backcountry".