Minutes of the March 7, 2021 meeting of the Michiana Bonsai Study

Present:    Larry Benjamin, Mary Conner, John Deguara, John DeMaegd, Betty Foltz, Jack Foltz, Pat Guido, Mary Hesser,

       Bruce Kennedy, Craig Kirkwood, Steve Moore, Bob Mortenson, Faye Mortenson, Kathy Sproatt, Ted VanderBeek
Wanda Walker, Paul Weishaar, Al Whitfield, Norris Whitfield and Scott Yelich

Location:    Linton's Enchanted Gardens


            Larry started the meeting by welcoming several new members: Mary Conner, Pat Guido, Steve Moore and Craig Kirkwood.

He also recognized several members new to the club last year: Kathy Sproatt, Ted VanderBeek and Al Whitfield . Next, he reported

that our club's treasury had reached a new high of $1,109.80. Larry's announcements (some, later) also included Elkhart's summer

bonsai show to be held at Wellfield Botanic Garden on July 31 and August 1. He encouraged members to exhibit one or more tree as

there will be a $5 entrance fee for the show but exhibitors will receive two passes to the show. Mary Hesser also encouraged members

to exhibit trees at the Elkhart County Fair in July. Finally, Larry introduced our guest artist, Scott Yelich (Indianapolis bonsai club president)

and his helper, Paul Weishaar (past Indy president) present to conduct a tropical bonsai workshop. Thirteen members chose one of

several species of tropicals that Scott had brought along with a pot. Before work started Scott gave us pointers on the characteristics and

care of tropical bonsai. Then, participants took their trees out of their plastic pots, removed much of the soil in which they had been raised,

pruned their roots, chose a front and location in the pot before wiring them in. After new (bonsai) soil was added and compacted , the trees

were watered. At the conclusion thirteen nice looking tropical bonsai went home with members.

Contact info for our guest artist's business:

Eagle Creek Bonsai

(317) 471 - 7696