Minutes of the June 6, 2021 meeting of the Michiana Bonsai Study

Present:    Larry Benjamin, Diane Buday, Mary Conner, John DeMaegd, Mary Hesser, Bruce Kennedy, Craig Kirkwood and Steve Moore

Location:    Linton's Enchanted Gardens


          Larry started with a brief bit of business - the announcement that the club now has club wire (purchased at the Michigan

 All-State Show) and a report of the club's current bank balance. Steve then gave us some tips as to how to select nursery stock as

potential bonsai. We then proceeded out into Linton's nursery where Larry and Steve had identified a number of potential species to

 consider. Members who found something that they wanted selected those plants, paid for them and brought them back inside where

initial work could be done in the process of transforming them into bonsai. Mary Hesseer got a bird's nest spruce which required

extensive branch reduction. Both Mary Conner and Diane Buday purchased junipers to work on as they began the process of

 transforming them into cascades. Both also selected Mugho pines and had to work on selecteing a potential trunk from those they had.

Mary Conner also worked on a nice little Azalea she found and a yew that she started pruning. So, all in all, seven trees got their

start on their way toward becoming bonsai.