Events                                             (Meeting times: 2 - 4 PM)                      (BYOT = bring own your tree)

Michiana Bonsai Study  :                           2017 Calendar 

Month             Day                 Topic                                                                                       Location

January              8                   Growing bonsai indoors under artificial light...year around    Linton’s Enchanted Gardens                               

    by bonsai artist Jack Wikle                                                                                          

February           19                   Evaluating bonsai trees                                            Linton’s Enchanted Gardens           

March               12                   BYOT (Potting workshop)                                       Linton’s Enchanted Gardens                         

April                  9                   BYOT + Shimpaku Workshop                                  Home of Larry Benjamin    

May             13 - 14                Michigan “All-State” Show                                      Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids   

June                 11                    BYOT (+, free pot for members!)                            Home of Larry Benjamin   

July                6 - 8          Mid-America Bonsai Alliance Convention                        Indianapolis    

July                  8             Club Demonstration/exhibit of bonsai                                 Middlebury   

July       Sat.!  15             Ft. Wayne bonsai auction & picnic                                     Darlene Kittle (Huntertown)    

August         18 - 20        Chicago Bonsai Show                                                        Chicago Botanical Gardens      

September      10            BYOT  (bonsai improvement)                                            Home of John DeMaegd      

September      17           Hidden Lake Gardens "Art of Bonsai" exhibit                    Hidden Lake Gardens, Michigan     

October           8             Fall care & winter storage                                                  Eastlake Terrace, Senior Living Center    

November       12           End of year meeting / social                                               Home of Larry Benjamin    (1:00 start, lunch provided!)