Events                                             (Meeting times: 2 - 4 PM)                      (BYOT = bring own your tree)

Michiana Bonsai Study  :                           2018 Calendar 

Month             Day                 Topic                                                                                       Location                                                                                          

February           4                   Winter bonsai care & maintenance                           Linton’s Enchanted Gardens           

March               4                    BYOT (de-wiring and/or styling of maples/conifers)     Linton’s Enchanted Gardens    (guest presenter: John Cerovski)

April                 8                   BYOT  (repotting and/or wiring)                              Home of Larry Benjamin    

May                  6                    BYOT  (repotting, wiring & styling)                         Home of Larry Benjamin

May             12 - 13                Michigan “All-State” Show                                      Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids     

June                 3                    BYOT  (styling & summer care)                                 Home of Larry Benjamin     

July       Sat.!  21                   Ft. Wayne bonsai auction & picnic                             Darlene Kittle (Huntertown)    

August         17 - 19        Chicago Bonsai Show                                                       Chicago Botanical Gardens      

September      2                    BYOT  (bonsai improvement)                                     Home of John DeMaegd      

September      16                 Hidden Lake Gardens "Art of Bonsai" exhibit              Hidden Lake Gardens, Michigan     

October           7                  Tour of American bonsai video                                    Eastlake Terrace, Senior Living Center    

November       11                End of year meeting / social                                          Home of Larry Benjamin    (1:00 start, lunch provided!)