The official name of this organization shall be the “Michiana Bonsai Study” (“club”, below).


 Mission Statement

               The Michiana Bonsai Study’s purpose is to gather and share information relevant to the acquisition, training, care, propagation, display, and enjoyment of all varieties of bonsai specimens. Thus, its function will focus on education. This will primarily be realized through scheduled club meetings as well as occasional trips/visits to events.



                              Individuals or families may become members of this club by:

                                             a) Providing the club with their name(s) and contact information:  phone number and/or                                                                   email address.

                                             b) Payment of annual dues.


                              In order to carry out the mission of the club, a governing committee of three members, a president, a vice president, and secretary, shall be elected annually. This election will be held at the scheduled November meeting and the individuals chosen will serve in the calendar year that follows. In the event that an elected officer is unable to serve the remainder of their term in office, a secretary may be elected at a regularly scheduled meeting.  (See below

for the order of succession following the inability of other officers to fulfill their responsibilities.)

The responsibilities of the club officers are given below.


                              (a) prepare and present to the membership a schedule of meetings and/or events

                                    for the year in which they serve.

                              (b) notify members of activities and events.

                              (c) secure sites at which scheduled meetings are to be held.

                              (d) preside at the business portion of scheduled club meetings.

                              (e) provide a synopsis of the minutes of the previous month’s program to the

                                   members in a monthly communication (via the club's website or newsletter).

                              (f) use the club’s checking account to pay outstanding club indebtedness.

(g) transfer to their successor a proposed schedule for the following year.

                              (h) transfer authorization to use the club’s bank account to the newly elected

                                   president before the end of their year in office.

                              (i) collect and deposit into the club’s bank account annual dues as well as

                                   any other club revenues.

                              (j) present a financial report to the membership at each regularly scheduled meeting.

                              (k) retain and pass on to their successor a copy of the year-end financial

                                   statement as well as the club’s check book. 

               Vice President:

The responsibilities of the vice president will be to assist the president in the fulfillment of any of the duties listed above as well as to assume them in the event that the president cannot.


                              The secretary will assist in the collection of club dues and membership information.

                              In addition, the secretary may assist in the writing of the minutes. Also, in the event that the

                              vice president needs to assume the office of the president, the secretary will assume the

                              office of vice president.



                                             Unless other provisions are made, membership meetings will be held on the first

                                             Sunday from February to November of each calendar year. Normally, meetings

                                             will commence at 2:00 PM EST and conclude at approximately 4:00 PM. Generally,

                                             each meeting will include:

                                                            (a) a discussion of club business (a business meeting), including a

                                                                 a financial report.

                                                            (b) the dissemination of information about one or more topics relevant

                                                                 to bonsai.


                                             Instead of the regularly scheduled monthly meeting, some month’s activity may be

                                             attendance at a bonsai-related event. These events need not fall on the

                                             first Sunday of the month. On these months there will be no business meeting.




                                             At the last regularly held business meeting of each year the membership will

determine the annual dues for that calendar year by a vote of those present.

Dues will then be due and payable by the April meeting of that year. Dues may

 be paid either in cash or by check made payable to “Michiana Bonsai Study”.

                                             On the seconded motion by any two members, an independent audit of the club's

finances will be taken.



                                             A club library shall be maintained which will contain the following materials:

                                                            (a) Yearly rosters of club members from past years (via the club’s website).

                                                            (b) Books, pamphlets and other written educational material collected

                                                                  and retained by the club and/or its members.

                                                            (c) Posters, photos or other visual bonsai-related materials.


                              This document may be added to or amended by a majority vote of the membership

present at any two, consecutive, regularly scheduled club meetings.